Reasons You Should Choose Cremation


When you lose someone to death, the pain is too much to bear. However, you have to be strong and make the appropriate decision and how you're going to send off your loved one who has departed. You can choose to bury them or cremate the body.  Most people are moving away from the traditional way of burial by choosing to cremate the bodies.  These are the benefits of cremation.


Cremation allows you to choose to have the funeral service before or after the procedure.  You are not limited to having a ceremony before the process. This relieves the family from the pressure of rushing through the service because of time constraints and other factors that they may be facing.


Most people can afford cremation and burial.  The family of the deceased needs to have adequate finances to support their expensive after their loved one is gone. A burial ceremony can take a significant amount of money, especially if the family is following the customs and traditions of the deceased.  You do not need to purchase a plot to bury your loved one.  You can disperse the ashes at your place of choice.


It is quicker to decide on cremations and burial. There are procedures that you need to follow depending on your state before you can marry someone.  Cremation, on the other hand, requires a permit and death certificate only, which can be taken care of by the cremator. Be sure to read more here!


Cremation is environmentally friendly. There will be no remains of the body for the casket, unlike burial. Cemeteries are overcrowded. You need to help save the environment from the pollution of caskets. You can use the ashes to plant a tree in the memorial of the deceased. This takes up less space than a grave. Look for more details about funerals at http://money.cnn.com/2016/02/10/real_estate/death-home-value/index.html.


The ashes are portable. For those who do not wish to bury the deceased in a foreign land, you can cut on transportation costs, among other expenses, by choosing cremation. Moving a body from a state to another can be challenging. The ashes are put in an urn or container for quick transportation to wherever you want to disperse them off.


You choose what you want to do with the ashes.  You can scatter them, internment, use them for cremation art, and make cremation diamonds or jewelry, and so on. Make sure to read more here!


Cremation makes it possible for the family to move on.  Burial leaves a grave that will always remind the family that they lost someone.  It is better to remember the person through memories and not because of a physical grave.